Tuesday, December 05, 2006

CMDB Solutions Center - EMA 

CMDB Solutions Center - EMA

CMDB is the way forward for all organisations that are depending on IT (every business though). What is right for any business needs deep understanding of how the current environment is postured and where is it heading to... These pages serve a nice way to compare products but people who know to align it to their businesses will remain key.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Risk Management 

Risk Management

A nice resource on Risk Management touching diverse disciplines and principles. Detailed knowledge of these principles can lead to effective use of a methedology, be it OCTAVE or CRAMM.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Vishal Gayhee: (Aug 29, 1973 - May 16, 2006) 

Today my friend and colleague got cremated. He was one the finest human being I have come across. We started our careers together about 12 years ago and shared the work place till my friend left me and Arif alone in the journey three of us had started.

He can never be replaced.

Every inch of the office, city streets, restaurants, client offices will miss him - he was such with his presence.

The disabled beggar on Khairtabad cross road will no more get the 5rupee coin that Vishal kept in his car and would call him to offer.

The city has lost a person who would not have tolerated cold food being served in the restaurants, who will now yell at the waiters??? May be we will start getting used to not pick and chose restaurants as we did before becoz VG would not visit any place...

Wonder if we will order prawns at those restaurants and if we did how much would we miss him?

He lived life king size and that showed up in his appearance too. He was different in so many ways; people would have known him for his toughness but in real sense was like the tender coconut.

Vishal was very respectful to elders and loved kids like anything - and in real (making the difference)

He was the most dependable guy for friends like me. We knew we were in no trouble becoz he was a call away. Now what?

We may learn to live without him – will we?

But why is he featuring on this blog? He will; becoz he is everything to I did – planning, executing and maintaining.

God should keep him in peace.

Securing 802.1x Voice-enabled interfaces... 

FishNet Security: Cisco 802.1x Voice-Enabled Interfaces Allow Anonymous Voice VLAN Access

I found this an interesting read about testing voice VLAN.

Something like this should help one prevent the threat related to voice network.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Build a digital animation system 

Build a digital animation system, Part 1: Understanding the existing infrastructure

The best resource I have come across to understand how Digital Animation Infra is built...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blogging Brits Ring 

Blogging Brits Ring
Checking if something like this can really work???

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Wonderful resource for BCM...

ISO17799 (BS7799) Information Security - Plain English Introduction 

ISO17799 (BS7799) Information Security - Plain English Introduction
One of the good places to know and read about 7799...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

File System 

File System
I took a close look at ZFS and am convinced if this is going to be defacto...

CPU Landscape 

Niagara, the true CMT architecture CPU; and systems based on it is going to be launched on 6-December.

Sun today has everything that a Enterprise buyer would need – starting with strong SI like us; Solaris (most powerful); Solutions stack (undoubtedly most open) that include JES; EAI – SeeBeyond; IAM – Wave Set; Systems Management – Seven Space; ILM – StrorageTek; and the list goes on…

If there was one thing it did not have, it was CPU to run these at great speeds. Sun with Niagara is launching the disruptive per watt performance. Niagara is multi core multi thread design executing customer’s thread-rich apps faster than the industry has known.

Other CPU designs like Power5, Itanium, x86 and even SPARCIV with deep pipeline were spending considerable amount of time waiting on memory while Niagara solves this thru smaller multithreaded cores.

All this with Solaris which itself is highly threaded make the entire combination better than any competitor offer.CPU Landscape

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